“We are Aces, the Mighty, Mighty Aces…” is the classic cheer Granville Gear sings loud and proud. In Granville, if you listen closely you can hear this old cheer; the blue ace sprit as it reverberates in the valley and over the hills surrounding our village. If you look around our town, you can see the Aces’ spirit on the faces of the guys at the coffee shop, you can feel it when the little league skips by on their way to get ice cream, and almost smell it when you hear proud voices telling stories over lunch at the diner. Granville Gear captures the feel good Aces’ spirit and hopes that our a collection of Blue Ace t-shirts, sweatshirts, and bumper stickers will keep the Aces’ spirit alive and strong.  Once upon a time, the employees at Granville Gear wore their own Granville Blue Aces’ team uniforms. We were encouraged to be our best, be strong and were built-up by Granville’s team spirit and cheers, just as the generations before us had been bolstered by Granville’s’ team spirit – some of those older Aces were our older brothers and sisters! Today, Granville Gear wants you to be able to be part of our town’s team spirit young or old, both on and off the field.  The Granville Gear business grew out of the idea that community support, team cheers and songs, and showing up in the ole blue and white helps our next generation of Aces do their best and feel loved. We hope that everyone joins in, wears our gear and shows our town’s Blue Ace team spirit. Let’s all sing the classic Blue Ace cheer, ” Everywhere we goooO, people want to knooowO, who we are, so we tell them. “We are the Aces, the Mighty, Mighty Aces!